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Valerie Yule

‪ISBN:  978-1-742842-07-3 (pbk.) Queensland: BookPal‬, 2013; 562 pages‬.

Writing systems of the world and their changes, How change is made, Nature of English spelling, Improvements to English spelling, Matching writing systems to people's needs and abilities, How we read, How we learn to read and spell, The future, Experiments you can make. Experiments and studies.




Edited by Valerie Yule

ISBN 13: 9781742844299 ISBN 10: 1742844294. Queensland: Bookpal.  2014

Stories about their free drawings told to the author by fortunate and unfortunate children in Australia and Britain over 40 years. Contents - children’s symbols, socio-economic disadvantage. physical and mental disorders, delinquency, rejection, despair, migrants, multiculturalism, war in reality and fantasy, families, school, fairy stories, language of boys and girls.

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ISBN: 978-0-9581964-1-3 Editions Kusatsu (via ASA) 2014

Forget Me Not encompasses life in Australia and France in the 1980s as well as on the Great War battlefields and in occupied France during World War II. The novel charts a woman's journey of self-discovery while researching her grandfather's presumed death on Mont Saint-Quentin in August 1918.

The Man Who Hunted Whales: A tale of Kangaroo Island and a doomed ship

ISBN 9780646553009 Awoonga, 2011

In 1836, Captain Robert Clark Morgan landed the first official settlers on Kangaroo Island from the whaling ship Duke of York, then sailed to the whaling grounds of the Pacific. He faced crew rebellion, convict attack, and shipwreck. In the ensuing ordeal, not all on board returned to safety.

Global Overshoot: Contemplating the World's Converging Problems

ISBN: 978-1-4614- 6265-1 Springer, New York, 2013

Global Overshoot is a response to the emerging possibility that global quality of life is about to plunge - with widespread fear and hunger becoming the norm under the influence of overpopulation, overextraction of resources and overcomplexification of social and economic relationships. The book argues and demonstrates that a knowledge and causal understanding of what happened, ecologically and evolutionarily, in the deep past - between the...

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