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Global Overshoot: Contemplating the World's Converging Problems

ISBN: 978-1-4614- 6265-1 Springer, New York, 2013

Global Overshoot is a response to the emerging possibility that global quality of life is about to plunge - with widespread fear and hunger becoming the norm under the influence of overpopulation, overextraction of resources and overcomplexification of social and economic relationships. The book argues and demonstrates that a knowledge and causal understanding of what happened, ecologically and evolutionarily, in the deep past - between the...

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Writing Systems

ISBN: 978-1-742842-07-3 (pbk) BookPal, Queensland, 2013

Writing systems and how they change. Contents include: Writing systems and their changes; How change is made; Nature of English spelling; Matching writing systems to people's needs and abilities; The future; and Experiments you can make.