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About ISAA

ISAA Council

The ISAA Council is an elected body of ISAA Members that meets on the second Thursday every second month.

President: Christine Yeats (NSW)
Vice President: David Headon (ACT)
Immediate Past President: Christine Jennett (NSW)
Treasurer: Wal Collins (ACT)
Ordinary Council Members: Ingrid Moses (ACT), Susan Steggall (NSW), Shirley Randell (NSW), Alan Roberts (ACT), Laura Dawes (ACT)

Sub-committee Chairs: 
Conference: Christine Jennett (NSW)
Conference Proceedings: 2015-Elizabeth Morrison (ACT); 2016-Christine Jennett (NSW)
Copyright Agency: Jane Burns (NSW)
Website Coordinator: Susan Steggall (NSW)

Other Positions:
Public Officer: Shirley Piptone (ACT)
APMC Rep: Lesley Vick (VIC)
NLA Fellowship Advisory Group Representative: Ingrid Moses (ACT)

Administrative Officer: Meredith Hinchliffe

About ISAA

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The Independent Scholars Association of Australia Inc is a network of scholars pursuing interests in the broad streams of the humanities, arts and sciences. Their work is produced in a variety of forms including book and journal publications, films and documentaries, script writing and journalism. As an association ISAA has no political affiliations but seeks to encourage all who, independently of institutions, offer well-founded studies of society, in the humanities and the sciences, or ideas of cultural significance.

Purpose of ISAA

The purpose of ISAA is to encourage and support individuals who undertake independent scholarly work outside the nation's formal institutes of education and research; to promote such scholarship; and to stimulate public debate in Australia. It does so by:

  • bringing such individuals together to share interests and expertise
  • sponsoring conferences and lectures for both members and the public
  • offering informed opinion on matters of public interest and concern
  • creating a collective voice on issues affecting the practice of scholarship
  • representing the interests of independent scholars in the public arena
  • supporting knowledgeable dissent and independent opinion

As an organisation ISAA takes no position on matters of party politics. ISAA supports the right of its members to take an individual stand on matters of public concern but their statements should not be presented as reflecting the view of the Association or other members.

Views expressed in the ISAA Review, Conference Proceedings, articles and newsletters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the members of the editorial board or those of the members of ISAA. 

ISAA Membership

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